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The Repentance of The Sinner (a Moving Story)

Posted on October 26, 2010 at 3:42 PM

(And) It was narrated that a drought inflicted the Children of Israel at the time of Moses peace be upon him, so the people gathered to him and said : "O Kalimullah (who talked with Allah), pray for us thy Lord to water us with rain".

So he stood with them and they went out to the desert, and they were seventy thousand or more.

So Moses peace upon him said : "My God, irrigate us with your rain and spread your mercy upon us, and have mercy on us for the sake of the infant babies and the grazing animals and the kneeling elders".

But this brought nothing except making the sky clearer and the sun more ardent.

So Moses said : "O God, if my rank decreased before you, then I ask you by the rank of the illiterate Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessing Upon Him,whom you will send in the last times".

So Allah revealed to him : "No, your rank did not decrease for me, and you're so notable for me. But among you there is one man who has been fighting me with his disobedience since forty years ago. So proclaim to your people until that man emerges from among you. It's because of him you were forbidden".

Moses said : "O my God, My Lord, I'm a weak slave, and my voice is so feeble, how can my voice reach them all and they are seventy thousand or more?"

So Allah revealed to him : "You just call them, and I will make yourcall reach them".

So Moses stood calling out and said : "O disobeying man who has been fighting Allah for forty years ! get out from among us, it's because of you we have been prevented from rain."

The sinning man stood and, looking to the right and to the left without seeing anyone walking out, he knew for sure that he was the required man. So he said to himself : "If I walk out from the crowd now, I will be exposed and disgraced in front of the Children of Israel. And if I stay here, they will be prevented from rain because of me".

So he entered his head in his clothes regretting what he did, and said : "O my God, my Lord, I disobeyed you for fourty years but you reprieved me, and now I came to you obeying and submitting, so please accept me ! ".

And as soon he completed his speech, a white cloud rose above them, and rained over them like pouring water from (goatskin) boattles.

So Moses said : "O my God, my Lord, how did you give us the rain and noone walked out from us ?".

Allah said : "O Moses ! I gave you rain by virtue of the same man by whom I prevented you."

So Moses said : "O God, show me that obedient man !"

Allah said : "O Moses, I did not expose him when he had been disobeying me, how would I expose him now that (while) he is obeying me ? ! O Moses, I do hate scandalmongers, how would I be one of them ? !"

Translated from "the book of repentants" for Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi (May Allah have mercy on his soul)

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