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Humility in front of Allah

Posted on April 21, 2013 at 4:05 PM

When the response of a du’a is delayed, the believer becomes even more humiliated and humble in front of All-Mighty. And this humility is one of the primary pillars of worship, for ibadah, is defined as the height of humility along with height of love. The three pillars upon which a Muslim worships Allah are love, fear and hope; and humility is one of the ways in which this fear and love is displayed.

So this delay in response is in fact means to draw out the servant’s meekness and humility from his heart. Had the du’a been responded to,the servant would not feel such sincere humility, nor would he feel a need of being humble in the presence of the Divine One.


Source: "Duaa, the weapon of the believer" by Yasir Qadhi

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