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Wisdom of Ummar Ibn Al-Khattab (Radiya Allahu Anhu)

Posted on May 5, 2010 at 4:10 AM

Pearls of Wisdom from Umar bin Khattab (Radiya Allahu Anhu)

1- When someone transgresses upon your rights (and in doing so disobeys Allah) the way to 'revenge' is to obey Allah in dealing with him. (use reason/rules instead of anger)

2- When something comes to you from your brother, accept it as something good, unless you have overwhelming evidence against it. (husn adhann- thinking good of people)

3- Don't take the word of a Muslim as ill. When there is a way of seeing it positively, take it that way. Find one good interpretation out of 10.

4- Avoid positions that will make others doubt you. (ie disobey Allah publicly, hang out with ppl who don't care, at all time and places)

5- Do not blame others. When you have a secret, its under your control, but when you tell someone else, that control is not yours anymore. People fall under different factors and pressures, so do not blame others.

6- Always take care of the brothers and sisters of truth. Be with them always. They will protect you. They are always a beautiful ornament. In good times you will have ease, and in time of difficulty, you will have protection

and support.

7- Be strict and careful in choosing your friends.

8- Always be with the truth even against your own life.

9- Don't indulge in that which is meaningless. Every moment of our life is meaningful- use it to worship Allah subhanawat'ala

10- Don't ask about that which didn't happen. You already have enough to deal with, be practical, deal with immediate problems not the future of ghayb (unknowen).

11- Don't ask for your need to be fulfilled from someone who wouldn't like your need to be fulfilled. Try to be self-sufficient as individuals and as an ummah, muslims of early generation were poor but didn't lower themselves. Always be with dignity.

12- Don't be neglectful or careless in swearing by the name of Allah. Otherwise, Allah will bring punishment for you.

13- Don't be in the company of fajaar (those who commit major sins openly and don't care) You WILL be affected. Your own behavior changes little by little. Be in the company of people who remind you of Allah.

14- Be aware of your enemy. Be careful, alert, and prepared.

15- Remember death. Visit the graveyards, try to be in kushuu'. If you can't cry, force yourself to. Try to be humble in front of the Creator, the One who gives life and takes it away.

16- Be HUMBLE in acts of obedience to Allah. No one will protect us but Allah. Seek protection from Allah in Allah.

17- Seek tawbaah (repentence). Immediately, be determined, have resolve.

18- Consult in your matters those who have kashiyaah (fear of Allah and always conscious of Him), because those who have kashiyaah are the ones that truly have ilm.


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