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Sense of Gheerah (protectiveness or jealousy)

Posted on May 4, 2010 at 12:32 PM

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said ‘A Dayooth will not enter Jannah.’ The Sabâbah asked, ‘Who is a Dayooth?’ The prophet (SAW) said, ‘A man who does not care who visits his wife (i.e. men).’


And on the issue of Gheerah, Ibn al-Qayyim, Rahimahullaah, said,

“And the Dayyouth (the man with no jealousy over the women in his family) is the most vile of Allah’s creation, and Jannah is forbidden for him, (because of his lack of Gheerah – jealousy).”

The foundation of the Religion is Gheerah, and the one without Gheerah is one without Religion, for Gheerah protects the heart and enlivens the limbs, and shields one from evil and lewdness, and lack of Gheerah kills the heart so that the limbs die, so that there remains not even shielding from [the minor things].

And the example of Gheerah in the heart is the example of the strength that shields one from sickness and fights it off, so if the strength leaves, he will be faced with the sickness, and will not find anything to protect himself from it, so it will establish itself [within him] and destroy him .”

“Ad-Daa’ Wad-Dawaa’,” Ibn ul-Qayyim

During the third century hijri, the qaadi of Rayy and Ahwaaz, Musa bin Ishaaq, sat to adjudicate people’s disputes. Among the litigants was a woman who claimed five hundred dinars mahr from her husband.

The husband denied the claim.

The qaadi said to the husband, ‘Bring your witnesses.’

The husband said, ‘I have brought them.’

The qaadi said to one of the witnesses, ‘Look at the wife so you may point her out during testimony.’

The witness stood up and said to the woman, ‘Stand.’

Upon this, the husband said, ‘What do you want from her?’

The husband was told, ‘It is necessary that the witness sees your wife unveiled so that he may know that it is your wife.’

The husband detested his wife unveiling her face for the witnesses in public. He screamed, saying, ’I make the qaadi my witness that this mahr of my wife is an obligation on me, and she must not unveil her face!’

When the wife heard this, she thought it was wonderful that her husband disapproved of her unveiling her face before the witnesses, and was protecting her from the sight of people.

She too screamed at the qaadi, ’I make you a witness that I have granted my mahr to him, and have absolved him in this dunya and the aakhirah!’

The qaadi said to those around him, ’Record this as a moral standard.’

Taken from Tarbiyat Al-Awlaaad Fil Islaam



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