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Why did Allah (Glory be to Him) Create Adam as The Last Creatures?

Posted on January 28, 2012 at 6:40 AM

The pen was the first creatures in order to write down the Predestinations before its existences; however, Adam was the last creatures, due to several reasons.


Firstly;  to prepare the land for its inhabitants (who is Adam and the other creatures).

Secondly; Adam’s creation was the purpose behind the creation of the rest of the creatures; the Heavens, the Earth, the sun, the Moon, the Land and the Sea.

Thirdly; Allah is the most skillful Creator who ends his work skillfully and in its utmost way as well as He starts it through its bases and principles

Fourthly; the souls are eagerly looking forward to the endings and Conclusions; to what is coming next, that’s why when Moses (Mousa) said to the Magicians"Throw down whatever you will throw” [Quran 10:80], When people saw what they did, they were eager to know what will happen next.

Fifthly; Allah -Glory be to Him- delays the best Prophets, Messengers and Nations  till the end of the World; He also makes the Hereafter better than The Life and the endings  are more completed and  more perfect  than the beginnings that’s why this shows the magnificent of the  complete and perfect  endings  when The angel first ordered Prophet Mohammed –Peace be upon him-  “Read”  and he replies  “I can’t read “ , until it came to a complete perfect end by Prophet’s saying “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you”  as it was at first uncompleted which came to its perfected end .

Sixthly; Allah-Glory be to Him- has gathered, what He distributed all over the world, within Adam so Adam resembles  the small world and what within him resembles  what is already existed in the huge world.

Seventhly; Man is the essence of existence and its fruit that’s why it was the most skillful deed that was done by Allah; which is to create Man after all these existing creatures.

Eighthly; Allah-Glory be to Him- dignifies and honors Man by preparing his needs and benefits, facilitating his living  to the extent that if he raises his head to see what Allah prepared for him , he will find all these facilities and  all these subjected creatures are prepared and presented before him.

Ninthly; Allah –Glory be to Him- desires to show Adam’s credit over the rest of the creatures, that’s why Allah created them before Adam’s creation. Then, The Angels said that if Allah creates a creature, this creature won’t be more honorable than us. When He created Adam and ordered the Angels to prostrate to Adam, Adam’s knowledge was his credit that appeared to the Angels. When Adam commits the sin, Angels thought that this credit was invalidated, and they weren’t aware of the hidden worship of repentance. And then, when Adam repented to His Lord by this worship, The Angels knew that there are unseen aspects in Allah’s creation, no one knows it except Him.

Tenthly; Allah –Glory be to Him- starts the creation of the World by creating the Pen and ends it by the utmost creation which is the Man, because the Pen is the tool of knowledge while Man is the learned and the knower. That’s why Allah shows Adam’s credit who was selected to be gifted this knowledge among them.

Translated from "Al-Fawa'd" by Imam Ibn Qudamah may Allah have mercy on his soul

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Reply Composer
6:09 AM on April 21, 2013 
What do you mean by Adam?
Reply Muslim Woman
2:32 AM on April 9, 2013 

I did not know Adam pbuh was the last creation . JazakAllah Khair for sharing the article.