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- Du'a is the Only Cause of Allah's Concern for us

Were it not for the fact that mankind makes du’aa (asking Allah for something) to Allah, Allah would not care about creation. This fact, in and of itself, is sufficient to make a person realize the importance of du’aa......Read more


- How to Deal With Bitter Criticism

Those who are ignorant have uttered curses at Allah, the Exalted, the Creator of all that exists, so what treatment should we, who are full of faults, expect from people. You will always have to face criticism......Read more


- The wisdom behind not seeing Allah

If God could be seen in this life, the tests of this life would be pointless. What makes this life a real test is the fact that we are obliged to believe in Allah without actually seeing Him. If Allah were visible......Read more


- Humility in front of Allah

When the response of a du’a is delayed, the believer becomes even more humiliated and humble in front of All-Mighty. And this humility is one of the primary pillars of worship, for ibadah, is defined as the height of humility along with height of love.....Read more


- Are You Ready To Die Tomorrow?

We think in detail about certain matters, typically about things that interest us or which we are directly facing. So football fanatics spend time in following up the latest football news, whose playing who, whose been bought by which team.......Read more